Hotel & Room mapping - Content Management


High-quality hotel and room data is essential for delivering an exceptional user experience.

Handling such data, especially when it encompasses extensive datasets, numerous room choices, and hotels worldwide, can be challenging.

At HSP, we prioritize seamless and efficient integrations, covering both connectivity and mapping aspects.

On the Hotel mapping side - our Mapping.Works Lite tool allows users to download and save hotel static data locally, ensuring easy access and management.

On the Room mapping side, the data is seamlessly integrated into the HSP API flows, eliminating the need for storing and retrieving data within a session or flow. On the other hand, if you're Room.Works Clients - the data can be stored locally.

This approach streamlines the process, making it more efficient and easy to integrate hotel and room level content.

Content Management

Hotel mapping

When it comes to Hotel mapping, HSP clients are granted access to the Mapping.Work Lite tool.

Which can be used to download hotel static data, such as:

  • Hotel Mapping file.
  • Hotel Images.
  • Hotel Descriptions.
  • Hotel Amenities.

To ensure the information remains current & up-to-date, it is recommended that this data be downloaded weekly and stored in your local database.

For more information about Mapping.Works Lite - Click here.

How to manage - Hotel content

Upon storing the data in your local database, retrieval within any given session can be seamlessly executed by utilizing the HotelID as the key identifier.

Within the structure of the Search Hotel response, each hotel is uniquely associated with its respective HotelID.

This identifier is pivotal as it enables the precise querying and retrieval of hotel data from the database. By leveraging the HotelID, you can efficiently locate and extract the relevant data, thereby facilitating the presentation of comprehensive and detailed hotel information to your end-costumer.

This methodological approach not only enhances the efficiency of data management but also significantly improves the user experience by ensuring that the information displayed is both accurate and up-to-date. It's important to remember that the effectiveness of this system relies on the regular updating and maintenance of the database to reflect the most current hotel data available.

Room mapping

When it comes to room mapping, the management of content can be handled either on the client side or by HSP, depending on the type of client involved: either a Room.Works Client or an HSP Client.

How to manage - Room content

HSP Clients

For HSP clients, local storing the room data is not supported. Instead, room information is fully managed by HSP and automatically returned in the GetPackages response. Each room can be identified and matched with its corresponding data using the 'TargetRoomKey' value.

For more information about Room Level Content - Click here.

Room.Works Clients

Please refer to the Room.Works - "Cache Management" Article - Click here.