HSP for Selling Hotels Through Call Center


HSP is equipped with a range of features and tools designed to assist various businesses and clients in efficiently managing call centers, complete with pre-established rules to maximize profitability.

Typically, an agent in this field is considered a travel expert, possessing extensive knowledge across various sectors within the travel industry.
On the other hand, call center representatives often lack specialized travel expertise and most likely not selling the best offer, the most profitable.

HSP allow to simplify the process of identifying and proposing the most suitable and / or profitable options. Factors such as matching hotel amenities to the end customer's needs and ensuring profitability are crucial for effective business management.

HSP aims to bridge this knowledge gap, facilitating easier and more informed decision-making in the hospitality sector.

Applicable Configurations

Creating a new user to your call center, can be done by single user, or by creating a sub-Node for multiple call center users . For more information about Hierarchy and defining new users.

With the appropriate configuration, you can achieve:

  • Search Results Biasing
    This feature allows the system manager to set predefined criteria for hotels and rooms, rating them on a scale of 1 to 10. This scoring system guides call center agents in making the right choices. For instance, the manager can decide that hotels with a higher star rating and the lower price receive the highest scores.

    Consequently, call center agents will see these highly-scored hotels at the top of their list, indicating that these options are most favorable to offer to customers. This method streamlines the selection process by aligning it with pre-established preferences and priorities.

  • Hotel Rules
    By setting Hotel Rules in the Hotel Sales Platform, clients have the flexibility to manipulate the search results. This includes the ability to conceal specific locations or hotels, adjust & override existing markups, and more.
    With the right configurations in place, call center agents are relieved from the need to discern which rates are more profitable or how to apply discounts and manage campaigns. Hotel Rules automate these processes, thereby removing the necessity for call center agents to possess extensive business and travel expertise.
    This feature simplifies operations and ensures that agents can focus on customer service without the need for in-depth knowledge of the travel industry.

  • Applying Markups
    These features enable you to effectively manage yield and markups, which can be implemented as either static or dynamic markups.
    HSP provides the capability to set, modify, and even override existing markups based on conditions for various call centers and agents. This ensures that prices are both competitive and profitable within the travel industry, allowing for strategic pricing adjustments that align with your business goals.

  • Additional features include: