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Grow your accommodation sales volumes and marginality with Cutting-Edge Technology.

Who We Are

Gimmonix is an advanced hotel sales platform, catering to travel enterprises that sell accommodation to end consumers or agents. Leveraging 13 years of our experience and the power of AI and machine learning, we specialize in delivering the right product at the right price for each point of sale.

Our Mission

We are steadfastly committed to profitably increasing accommodation sales volumes for travel enterprises. Our approach revolves around finding and aiding companies to address their unique challenges, enhancing their ability to scale and achieve their business targets efficiently.

Our Core Values

Transparency, Security, Service, and being Data-Driven form the bedrock of our operations, ensuring consistent delivery of high-quality solutions.

Our Clients

Our clientele ranges from scale-ups to publicly listed enterprises. We have built a reputation for trust through our unwavering dedication to security and a transparent operational model.
Our clients include: Flight Centre, BCD, Travelport, Almatar,, Almundo, TravelBrands, TBO holidays, Go global and 100+ additional valuable customers.

Our Track record

A History of Scaling Success: At Gimmonix, our expertise isn't just in technology; it's in driving tangible business growth. We have a proven track record of scaling five companies from zero revenue to an average of $250 million each. This success stems from our unwavering dedication to our customers and our commitment to helping them realize their vision.

  • Impressive Financial Impact: Our platform has processed nearly $10 billion to date, a testament to the trust and reliance placed in us by the industry. We're not just about transactions; we're about transformative results. Our clients consistently experience a 25% increase in marginality and a 15% growth in conversion rates. Moreover, we contribute to a significant improvement in profitability, delivering an average of over $2 net profit per reservation.
  • Commitment to Continuous Delivery: These figures reflect more than just our past achievements; they represent our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional value and results. At Gimmonix, we're dedicated to maintaining this trajectory of success and innovation, ensuring that our clients stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of accommodation sales.

Our Core Services

Accommodation Sales Optimization: Utilizing AI and machine learning, we guide businesses to meet sales volume targets and proficiently mitigate risks.

Competitive Analysis: We provide businesses with market positioning insights, ensuring a robust understanding of their market stance.

Price Optimization: Our AI-driven algorithms ensure ideal product pricing, optimizing sales and reducing potential losses.

Our Platform

Our versatile platform offers standard SaaS and an industry-first PaaS. This allows companies to benefit from deployment to their own cloud environment, enhancing controls, performance, and security. With an advanced ARI (availability, rates, inventory) delivery system and specialized tools, we boost delivery rates to customer platforms.

Our Platform Core offering

Personalisation / Relevance: Our content and personalization solutions help with growing volume from existing pipeline due to improved conversion rates.

Yield management: Static and dynamic markup, predictive pricing and competitive analysis all aimed at improving profitability.

Data and insights: Data and insights provide with both near real time and past analysis across all of the platforms modules and supply-book flows

Our Platform base offering

Connectivity and standardization: Access to over 150 accommodation inventory sources, supporting over a dozen rate types with live availability.

Mapping and normalization: Leverage comprehensive and cohesive content set optimized for conversion across accommodation information, property images and descriptions, and down to room specific amenities and rate attributes.

Back office and control panel: Platform users have full control over expected behavior fit for their specific needs and business priorities.

Our solutions

Whether you’re looking to grow your accommodation sales volumes or margins, at Gimmonix we understand that the challenges in accommodation sales and distribution are as diverse as the clients we serve. Our suite of solutions is designed to address these challenges head-on, offering a blend of technology, expertise, and innovation. Here’s how we make a difference:

  1. Revenue Optimization and Cost Management:
    Problem Addressed: Revenue loss due to technical mistakes and increasing operational costs.
    Our Solution: We offer mapping profiles, monitoring, and alerting systems to mitigate revenue loss. Our approach includes no booking, supply, or mapping fees, alongside a Zero net program, ensuring cost-effective operations.
  2. Enhancing Customer Experience and Retention:
    Problem Addressed: Challenges in retaining agents and end consumers.
    Our Solution: We enhance customer engagement through personalized experiences and reliable service. By reducing sold outs and enhancing user experiences (both online and offline), we foster stronger loyalty and repeat business. Our solutions lead to lower error rates and more relevant offerings.
  3. Meeting Volume Commitments:
    Problem Addressed: Difficulty in achieving desired Lead to Booking (L2B) ratios and managing inventory.
    Our Solution: Improved mapping and data accuracy, enhanced by price biasing, help our clients meet their volume commitments with ease.
  4. Operational Efficiency and Resource Optimization:
    Problem Addressed: Resource gaps and the need for quick Go-To-Market strategies.
    Our Solution: Our plug-and-play platforms and comprehensive payment solutions address these gaps. Our platform streamlines operations, from booking to billing, with automation and integrated workflows, freeing up valuable resources and reducing operational costs. We also provide Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs) and a base PaaS offering to ensure operational continuity.
  5. Reputation Management and Compliance Assurance:
    Problem Addressed: Risks of negative brand reputation impact and compliance challenges.
    Our Solution: We guarantee reliable mapping and connectivity, reducing check-in issues through proactive validations. Enhanced security measures and local PaaS deployment options ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
  6. Decision Making and Budget Optimization:
    Problem Addressed: Hesitancy in decision-making due to fear of change and budget constraints.
    Our Solution: 'Try before you buy' options and Proof of Concepts (POCs) ease the decision-making process. Our pricing models, including usage-based, gain-share, and Capex offerings, cater to varied budgetary needs.
  7. Scalability and Flexibility:
    Problem Addressed: The need for scalable and flexible solutions in a dynamic market.
    Our Solution: Our solutions are designed to effortlessly scale with your business, offering flexibility and adaptability to changing market demands.
  8. Integration and Connectivity:
    Problem Addressed: Fragmented systems and lack of seamless integration.
    Our Solution: We offer a highly integrative platform that connects effortlessly with existing systems, ensuring seamless data flow and connectivity.
  9. Automated Mapping and Distribution:
    Problem Addressed: Inconsistencies in accommodation inventory and data mapping.
    Our Solution: State-of-the-art AI-driven mapping tools ensure accurate, real-time synchronization of accommodation data across various channels, reducing errors and enhancing reliability.
  10. Revenue Optimization:
    Problem Addressed: Difficulty in maximizing revenue and managing dynamic pricing strategies.
    Our Solution: Advanced algorithms analyze market trends and demand patterns, allowing for dynamic pricing strategies that boost revenue and ensure competitive advantage.
  11. Enhanced Market Intelligence:
    Problem Addressed: Limited understanding of market position and competitor strategies.
    Our Solution: We provide in-depth market insights and competitive analysis, empowering clients with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and stay ahead.
  12. Compliance and Security:
    Problem Addressed: Navigating complex regulatory requirements and data security concerns.
    Our Solution: Our platform is built with compliance and security at its core, ensuring that client data is protected and regulatory standards are met.

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