❓ FAQ - Wrapper (B2C) API

What is required from suppliers to enable filtering options at the search step?

Answer: Suppliers need to support room information at the search step.
For suppliers who return room information in a separate call, the filtering option will not be available because this information is missing from the search step.

Does the filter return results with prices? For example, if I filter by hotels with free cancellation and breakfast, does the price reflect these filters?

Answer: Yes.

Does the filter actually perform a new search? In other words, does HSP initiates a new search with the suppliers?

Answer: The filter step - "GetPage" is not searching again, but relies on the supplier responses to filter out your desired Hotels and Room options.

Can room names be provided in multiple languages?

Answer: Yes, per all supported Room names (Link).

What is the purpose of GetHotelContent ?

Answer: The purpose of GetHotelContent is to return the hotel static data in an API call, eliminating the need to store this static data in your database. (This differentiates the regular Hotels API from the Wrapper (B2C) API.)

Is it mandatory to specify the number of pages in the GetPage request?

Answer: While making a GetPage request is not mandatory, specifying the number of pages when calling GetPage is mandatory.