Mapping Risk Factors

Another two key product elements might sound contradictory but we were able to settle our commitment to 100% mapping while taking minimal risk.

100% coverage: This means that every single room you will send us, we ensure mapping to a Gimmonix Room ID and Gimmonix Room Name, even if the room data from the supplier is minimal (“Suite”). This ensure you do not lose out on any attractive offers just because their room names and/or data are limited.

Minimal Risk: When we map, we use all the available data provided by the supplier via both static and dynamic data. However, in many cases, while aiming to retrieve all data from the supplier, unfortunately, the supplier does not provide sufficient data to link that specific room offer to any of the primary rooms without introducing risk as the supplier did NOT commit to all of the room features.

Consider the following real room data sent by the following suppliers in the context of the same hotel in the previous sections - 'The Venetian Resort Las Vegas'.

SupplierRoom IDRoom Name
Supplier A9954Economy Suite
Supplier A8704Select Suite
Supplier A6377Special Suite
Supplier B85225914Suite
Supplier C85225914Suite
Supplier B87205049Suite De Luxe
Supplier DNullSuite Room
Supplier ESUI.ST-11Suite Standard
Supplier C50440585Suite with views
Supplier DNullVenezia Bella Suite

While all of those are absolutely valid offers that the suppliers are currently offering, none of these offers can be mapped into the primary rooms of The Venetian Resort Las Vegas without taking a risk. As we do not introduce risk with our mapping, we create a secondary room grouping. In the above case, we created an additional secondary room category type named “Suite” and all of the above samples are mapped into this secondary room name - “Suite”.

Secondary rooms allow us to offer 100% mapping, while not taking risks. In the above case other than the primary rooms we identified above there will be additional secondary rooms named “Suite”. This offer will include all of the supplier's offers that have not provided sufficient data and commitment to be mapped to the primary rooms.
The API will return an indication of the mapping is to a primary or secondary room. This will allow you to filter the secondary rooms in case you wish to do so.