POC: Search by HotelIDs

Search Hotels by HotelIDs

An alternative method for hotel search is by HotelIDs. Every HSP client receives credentials for accessing a dedicated Hotel mapping tool named "Mapping.Works Lite".

By downloading the requisite files from this tool, you will acquire a mapping file that aids in obtaining the desired HotelIDs.

How to obtain the HotelIDs

To acquire the desired HotelIDs for searching, you can refer to the "Mapping File" and locate the wanted HotelIDs.

Each HotelID is associated with its own description, facilities, and images files, which can be presented alongside the hotel data returned in the response.

Furthermore, as this is a CSV format, you have the capability to filter by countries, cities, and other desired parameters.

More information about Downloading Mapping File - Click here.

Search Hotels by HotelIDs

In this request, you must specify all the mandatory fields, which include HotelIDs to search, check-in and check-out dates, and the number of guests.

This will return a list of hotels with available rooms, along with essential information such as the hotel's name, location, star rating, and an image of the hotel.

More information about Search by HotelID's - Click here.

Connecting All together

After acquiring the desired HotelID for search purposes, you can easily retrieve the associated Descriptions, Facilities, and Images of the searched hotels to present them alongside their corresponding static data.