Error Codes

In case of an error, the following unique error codes will be returned in the format Exxxx:

Error CodeDescription
E1001Internal server error
E1010Setup error - no suppliers associated
E1011Setup error - no initial CSV file uploaded
E1012LoadInventory is not supported for users in mapping works lite mode
E1013Uploading OTA inventory is not supported for agencies with Travolutionary IDs mode. Please provide a supplierName to upload custom supplier inventory
E1014Size of your file exceeds 100MB. To ensure successful loading, please convert your file to CSV format and upload again.
E1015Custom supplier access - Permission Denied - Please contact support for further information.
E1020Upload failed
E1021Invalid file extension
E1022Wrong file format
E1023Failed to upload Excel file. Please try uploading this file in CSV format.
E1030Unrecognized custom supplier name
E777Uploaded file is the same as existing file. Please use "run mapping" functionality