Audit Admin Actions


The "Audit Admin Actions" tool provides admin users with the ability to examine and assess actions taken within the system. This feature enables users not only to comprehend the actions of their users but also to revert any changes, settings, or configurations made within the system.

The "Audit Admin Actions" feature expands its functionality by allowing users to filter multiple values, including:

  • Target Node/User.
  • Target Account (Contract).
  • Action User.
  • Dates (From & To).
  • More.

This provides flexibility to filter specific dates and/or users and nodes, enabling a deeper understanding of the changes that have occurred in the system.

How to Guide

How to: filter actions

In order to open "Audit Admin Actions" :

  1. Login to the Back-Office.
  2. Click on the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click "Audit Admin Actions".
"Audit Admin Actions" - first screen

"Audit Admin Actions" - first screen

Filtering options explained

Action UserFilter the user which made the change.
Target ClientClient = your company.
Target UserThe user which the change made for.
Target AccountThe Account which the change made for.
Target NodeThe Node which the change made for.
Controller NameThe components name which the change made for (i.e. markups, setting, etc...)
Action NameThe action which was made.
FromFilter date from.
ToFilter date to.

How to: view results and audit actions

Results screen

Results screen explained

User nameUser who made the change.
TimestampTimestamp of the change (UTC)
Controller NameThe controller name which was affected / changed.
Action NameAction Name (list of possible action attached below.)
Affiliate NameClient (= Your company)
AccountsAccounts / Contracts which were affected / changed.
NodesNodes which were affected / changed.
UsersUsers which were affected / changed.
DataJSON Data with changed data.
Failure MessageFailure message (if applicable.)

Possible Action Names


"Audit Actions" in the system :

  • AccountGroupsGridCreate
  • AccountGroupsGridDestroy
  • AccountGroupsGridUpdate
  • AssignSupplier
  • BulkContractsActivate
  • ChangePassword
  • ChangeStatusToOk
  • CreateAffiliate
  • CreateNewAccount
  • CreateNode
  • CreateUser
  • DeactivateMarkups
  • DeleteAccount
  • DeleteNodes
  • DeleteRecord
  • DeleteSettingsFile
  • EditPassengerDetails
  • EnableAccount
  • ExcludeSegmentFromRebooker
  • MarkAsCancelled
  • MarkErRebookingAsConsumable
  • MarkErRebookingAsNotConsumable
  • RetryCancel
  • Save
  • SaveAccount
  • SaveAccountState
  • SaveAffiliateDetails
  • SaveAssignedRules
  • SaveBiasing
  • SaveCcFraudCheckSettings
  • SaveCcPreferences
  • SaveCountryTaxes
  • SaveCurrencyDefinitions
  • SaveCxlEnhancements
  • SaveDynMarkupGroupByRoomKeyAdvancedConfig
  • SaveGhostSegmentSettings
  • SaveMarkups
  • SaveNewSettings
  • SaveNewThrottlingSettings
  • SaveNodeOperationalSettings
  • SaveNodeRuleSettings
  • SaveObligo
  • SaveOperationalSettings
  • SaveRebookSettings
  • SaveRoomMappingSettings
  • SaveRoomMappingV3GroupingAttributes
  • SaveRule
  • SaveRules
  • SaveSmartBookSettings
  • SaveSupplierSettings
  • SaveUserPermissions
  • SaveUserRoles
  • SaveUserSettings
  • SaveVccSettings
  • UnexcludeSegmentFromRebooker
  • UnlockUser
  • Update
  • UpdateInternalReferences
  • UpdateRebookStateType
  • UpdateThrottlingSettings
  • UpdateUser
  • UploadSettingsFile
  • UploadSupplierImage
  • VerifySegment