Mapping Problem & Solution

The Mapping Problem

The stakes for accurate mapping are high, as each mistake can lead to:

  • Sales at incorrect prices.
  • Bookings for the wrong property.
  • Missing suppliers inventory.

Mapping is a continuous process that never ends. Every week, tens of thousands of records are added, changed, renamed, and removed, requiring constant attention and dedicated resources.

Ultimately, only about 60% of inventory is accurately mapped.

Some companies develop in-house solutions, while others employ numerous people to manually review and match hotel IDs on a daily basis.

Our Solution & Why It Is Different

  • ✅ Time-Proven Solution
    With over a decade of experience addressing the challenges of mapping, we developed Mapping.Works. By analyzing large volumes of data and leveraging advanced technology and algorithms, we have exceeded the market standard of 60% accuracy, achieving an industry-leading 99% accurate mapping.
  • ☁️ Mapping in the Cloud
    Our mapping solution is cloud-based and fully automated, requiring no human involvement. Our cloud infrastructure allows the mapping process to be initiated from anywhere, even from your mobile device, and is scalable to accommodate any size of mapping tables.
  • ⏩ Anything to Everything
    Mapping.Works is versatile and does not require knowledge of your suppliers, partners, or data sources. You can upload your hotel mapping file and map your hotels or any number of hotel files from various sources.
  • 🗺️ Mapping on Demand
    The mapping process can be initiated at any time, allowing you to map your suppliers and hotels whenever needed. There is no dependency on your turnover speed or external providers. You can map a new provider to your inventory in just 30 minutes.
  • 💯 The Inventory Challenge
    Our research shows that most travel companies work with nearly a dozen hotel providers and have an average of 150,000 hotels in their system. The gap between the number of hotels you sell and the number you could sell can be as much as 100%, with combined providers offering over 300,000 hotels. Mapping.Works helps you create listings for inventory you previously missed.