Rebooker is a post-booking process that maximizes profit for existing bookings.
Rebooker enables the offline rebooking of existing refundable bookings:

  • After the booking was made, The Rebooker will track changes of the available Net rates for the hotel room booked by the consumer.
  • Based on predefined logic, like a price drop of more than X%, the Rebooker will book the same accommodation from the same or alternative provider of the inventory and cancel the original reservation automatically.



It’s important to note that this feature is done only for cancellable bookings, so no risks are taken.

The Rebooker process goes as follows :

  1. Rebooker will scan the existing, active and refundable segments periodically for cheaper prices.
  2. Once a cheaper price is found - Rebooker will attempt to book it.
  3. If the booking was confirmed by the supplier, Rebooker will cancel the previous active booking automatically.
  4. Rebooker will update the segment with the new room pricing and information.
  5. The room rate which was booked originally and which was canceled by Rebooker will be archived.
  6. A notification will be sent to the Client


  • Active Booking Rule - Rebooker ensures that at least one active and confirmed booking exists; even if something went wrong during the Rebooker booking process or during the Rebooker cancellation process. This prevents a scenario where the end-customer will remain without any booking.
  • Configurable - Rebooker activity can be configured according to the company’s rules in order to meet business needs.
  • Automated - Rebooker is fully automated with no manual intervention needed. Rebooker automatically cancels the original booking, as long as the full reservation criteria are met: same or better cancellation policy, room board, room category, and bedding.
  • Push Notification - Once a new Rebooking is made, a push notification will be sent to the specified endpoint URL.
  • Rebooking History - The full history of the rebooked segment is visible, either through the Orders section in the Back-Office or through the API request ‘GetSegmentFinReport’.
    This allows admins/customer support/operations team users to see the original booking that was booked and what Rebooker actually booked and when.
  • Zero Implementation Efforts - Rebooker is designed to be compatible with the existing implementation of HSP's API and the Client's current work-flows.


Rebooker allows for configuration according to the company’s vision and goals.

HSP allows the affiliate to be as creative as he wants when using Rebooker.
Most of the Rebooker configuration can be done manually, however, some options can only be changed by the HSP Support team.

The configuration menu can be accessed by heading to the Back-Office , and then entering the ‘Admin’ panel using an admin user, clicking on the root node / user, and then selecting ‘Rebooker Settings’.



Any Rebooker configuration will affect all child nodes.

Rebooker Settings

1. General Settings

Work Mode

Choose the operating mode for Rebooker:

  1. Evaluation Mode: In Evaluation mode, Rebooker will not execute rate cancellations or new bookings. Instead, it will run quietly in the background, solely assessing potential rebooking opportunities and gathering corresponding profit increase data.
  2. Live Mode: In Live mode, Rebooker will actively cancel existing rates and book new ones. It will search for profit increase candidates and rebook them as soon as a cheaper rate is found, along with recording the associated profit increase data.
  3. Live Tester / Evaluation Tester: These modes mirror the functionalities of Live and Evaluation modes, respectively, but are primarily designed for testing purposes, ideally within a ‘Cert’ environment.

Override Commission

This setting allows configuration of commissions for rebooked orders/segments.

Max Allowed Rebookings per Run

Specify the maximum number of rebookings Rebooker is permitted to perform in a single rebook operation.

Max Allowed Rebookings per Property per Run

Determine the maximum number of rebookings allowed for a single property during a single run.

Max Allowed Rebookings per Segment

Define the maximum number of rebookings permitted within a single segment.

Discard Candidate Threshold

A safety factor for price change of a new package . (If not declared - default value is 30%) .
If the original price of the package was X and the new package price is less than the percentage declared - it might be too cheap to rebook as the same package .

Get Updated Price Threshold

(If not declared - default value is 10%)
If a candidate fails due to “Discard Candidate Threshold” value - we will give the candidate “second chance” as the price might change after the cxl-policy step .
If the new package price is higher than the declared threshold - the package is not valid to rebook.

Allow Rebooking from Previously Booked Supplier

When Checked: Rebooker can rebook rates from suppliers used in previous bookings.
When Unchecked: Rebooker will only consider rates from new, previously unused suppliers.

Allowed Contracts for Booking

Choose from the following options:
All Contracts: Rebooker will search for profit-increasing rates from all available contracts under the affiliate.
Specific Contract Group: Define a specific contract group for Rebooker to exclusively search within.
User's Active Contracts: Rebooker will search for profit-increasing rates only among contracts activated for the specific user.

2. Rebooker Candidates

Its total amount is over

The rebooker candidates will be packages only if the profit increase is over the defined amount .

Its days prior to check-in date is

Rebooker candidates will be packaged only if their check-in date is one day prior to the rebooking date.

Its days prior to free cxl date is

Rebooker candidates will be packaged only if their cxl-policy free days are at least X days from the current date.

3. Exclude From Rebooker

Its ID is in

SegmentIDs which will be excluded from rebooker .

Its Property ID is in

HotelID which will be excluded from rebooker .

Its property country is in

Countries which will be excluded from rebooker .

Its property chain is in

Hotel Chain which will be excluded from rebooker.

Was originally booked from

Suppliers which will be excluded from rebooker .

4. Rebook Only If

Profit increase is more than

Rebooker will only rebook packages with profit increase more than amount / percentage .

How It is Reflected

Manage Orders Screen

In the "Manage Orders" screen, any Rebooker order/segment will reflect as the following :

  • Any Order / Segment with Rebook will be indicated by the purple “Rebooker” logo :
  • The profit increase which rebook generated :
  • As well as how many rebooks were took effect in the respective order /segment :

Rebooked Segment



In this case, Rebooker rebooked the bookings and generated extra 42.17$.

When the Rebooker logo is clicked, a pop-up screen displaying all rebooked information will appear:

This will show both the old and new reservation details, including dates, financial information, and more.


Another way to receive Rebooker information - is by various API request options :

Exclude From Rebooker

Apart from the "Exclude From Rebooker" section, you can also opt out a specific segment from Rebooker by finding the segment and clicking on the designated option :