Hotel Mapping API


Initial setup and any changes to the OTA setup should be done via the GUI setup screen.

This includes the selection of Mapping.Works available suppliers and custom suppliers.

  • The Gimmonix automated Hotel Mapping API provides the ability to upload a file for mapping automatically without the need to use the GUI of the Mapping.Works website, once account is initially setup.
  • OTA clients can provide custom suppliers data the same way they provide their own data.

Hotel Mapping API

Interactive Experiment: Click here to try the Hotel Mapping API interactively.

Postman API Examples: For examples and details on request/response parameters, follow along with this guide.

API Requests - examples and request/response parameters :

RequestDescriptionPostman API Example
API LoginAuthentication call sued to login. (the API is using the cookie-based / session authentication)Click here.
Load InventoryUsed to upload OTA or custom supplier inventory to map.Click here.
Start MappingThe system will automatically map the uploaded files.
Alternatively, a “Start Mapping” API call will trigger mapping immediately.
Click here.
Latest MappingIf the latest mapping cycle was successful, the cycle details will contain download URLs for the result files.Click here.
DescriptionsGet the latest hotel's Descriptions download URL.Click here.
FacilitiesGet the latest hotel's Facilities download URL.Click here.
PhotosGet the latest hotel's Photos download URL.Click here.
Get Connected Suppliers Get list of your connected supplier.Click here.
Set Connected SuppliersSet your connected supplier.Click here.