Throttling settings


Throttling Settings are designed to prevent system abuse and limit the usage of certain services and request types, particularly in cases of improper implementation, often by API clients.

These settings are initially established at the system-wide level by a Super Admin User, serving as the default configuration for all users of the system.
However, these default settings can be subsequently modified for individual system users as needed.

Beyond these system-wide settings, Throttling Settings can also be tailored for particular system users. This is typically done when a system administrator detects misuse or incorrect implementation by specific users.


To configure throttling for a specific user :

  1. in the Back-office, navigate to "Manage company" .
  2. Click on the desired user to configure "Throttling" to .
  3. Click on the "Throttling Settings" and then "Add".
  4. Configure the throttling setting.
Service TypeChoose the service to apply throttling to, such as Hotels, Cars, Payment, Orders, etc.
Service Request TypeSelect the specific method within the chosen service.
SecondsSpecify the time frame in which the user is allowed to send transactions.
TransactionsDefine the number of requests a user can send within the set time frame in seconds.
DeploymentDetermine the environment or cluster where the call limits/throttling will be applied.

Example :If set to 10 seconds and 10 transactions, a user can make up to 10 calls within 10 seconds for the chosen method. This can be distributed as one request per second or 10 calls in one second, followed by a 9-second pause. This setting is specific to the selected method only.