Hotel inventory distributors often collaborate with multiple providers, each offering overlapping inventories. This necessitates the aggregation of hotel inventory data from various sources into a unified database.

Due to the lack of a standardized format for hotel inventory data transfer, incoming data arrives in diverse formats with unique parameters. This variation results in a technically complex integration process for several reasons:

  • Correct mapping is not guaranteed with most third-party providers.
  • Hotel inventory undergoes repeated mapping processes at every link in the distribution chain.
  • Only part of the supplier’s inventory reaches your system.
  • No controls or configurations can be applied on your end.
  • Lack of visibility into which inventory you’re missing.


We understand the pain that comes with inconsistent or incorrect mapping.

Our Solutions aim to Eliminate them.

Our Hotel Mapping

The Hotel Mapping solution guarantees 99.99% accuracy and 98.7% coverage. It also offers a wide range of features, including:

  • 🌐 A comprehensive suite for mapping hotels via a dedicated UI.
  • 🏨 A Hotel Mapping API with option to automate things.
  • 💭 An affordable and all-inclusive solution catering to your operational and technological needs.
  • ⚙️ Supplier agnostic capabilities - map any hotel with any supplier from any source.
  • 💸 No costs per supplier or for add-ons, providing clear and predictable pricing.
  • 🗃️ Mapping data tied to stable IDs that never change, recycle, or get reused.
Mapping Dashboard

Mapping Dashboard

Mapping Statistics

Mapping Statistics