Aggregated Connectivity Layer


Aggregating data from various hotel providers can be challenging and complex due to the diversity in their API implementations. When Initiating a single search it requires sending numerous requests, and then aggregating, filtering, and presenting the outcomes in a straightforward manner is far from simple.

To address this, Gimmonix has developed an optimal solution - Hotel Sales Platform.

We have engineered a robust system that not only aggregates the data but also arranges it into a single, easy-to-understand structure, thereby simplifying the Search hotels method.

Our solution, characterized by a one-to-many system, achieves more than mere data aggregation.

It delivers the results in a singular, standardized, and normalized structure. This effectively removes the necessity to interact with multiple hotel providers' APIs individually and then process the returned data, streamlining the entire operation.

How connectivity looks like

How it looks with Gimmonix Hotel Sales Platform