Proposal Management

Agents can send proposals to clients via email directly from the Hotels Search Results screen.

A proposal includes the hotel details, rate plan, cancellation policy and the package price (which was received from the supplier on the search results).

The agent can send multiple proposals for clients for the same destination, and once receiving an OK, the agent can convert a proposal to an actual hotel booking.

The Proposals Management module allows viewing and managing existing proposals. It allows viewing proposal details, deleting irrelevant proposals and most important, converting proposals to actual hotel bookings.

Depending on permissions, users can view and handle proposals they created and proposals created by others.

Accessing the Proposals Tab

On the Back-office, click on "Manage Proposals" to open the Proposals tab .

Search Proposals

The Search proposals screen (Proposals Filter) allows you to display specific proposals based on various parameters.

Closes the Search proposals filter allowing you to view the displayed proposals.
"Clear Filters "Click to reset the filtering and clear any values entered in any of the filter fields.
ClientAvailable for Super Admin Users only.
Choose an Client from the list.
Date RangeClick to open the Date Range filter screen .
1. Select a date type from the upper field .
2. Select the respective date range by clicking From and To dates on the calendars .
3. Click Select to approve the date selection .
Proposal idEnter a Proposal ID to display only items belonging to the selected proposals.
As a single proposal ID may include several items (multiple proposals), a proposals segment is comprised of 2 IDs
The first number represents the Proposal ID and the second represents the Proposal Item ID.
Proposal item idEnter a Proposal item ID to display a specific proposal item only.
Proposal StatusSelect to display specific proposal statuses i.e. only Sent or Booked.
Expired proposalsSelect to Hide or Include expired proposals. Expired proposals are those which their Check In date occurs in the past.
Client emailEnter a client email to which proposals were sent to display matching proposals only.
Client nameEnter a client name to which proposals were sent to display matching proposals only.
Client phone numberEnter a client phone number specified in sent proposals to display matching proposals only.
CountrySelect a country from the drop-down list to display only proposals sent for hotels located in the selected country.
Hotel nameEnter a hotel name for which proposals were sent to display matching proposals only.
User or BranchEnter a user or branch name for which you would like to display only proposals sent by the selected user/branch.
Once you start typing, the system will open a list of possible matches.
SearchClick to perform the search and display matching proposals.

Sending Proposals

An agent (user) can send proposals directly from the Hotels Search Results.
The agent can add multiple offers to the Proposals Cart and later send them altogether to the client.
To add a hotel offer to the proposals cart

  1. From the Hotels Search Results screen, click on a hotel to display the available packages.
  2. To add a package record (offer) to the Proposals Cart, click the envelope icon next to the requested package:
  1. The Proposals Cart on the upper toolbar displays the number of offers ready to be sent:
  1. To send the proposals to the client, click on the Proposals Cart icon , to open the Send Proposals screen.

Send Proposals Screen

Upon clicking the Proposals Cart icon, the Send Proposals screen opens, displaying all the proposals selected by the user to be sent to the client:

Clear AllClick to remove all proposals from the cart.
XClick to remove the proposal for the cart.
PriceDisplays the offered package price. The field is editable to allow the agent to make price adjustments if required.
CommentsEnter any comments relevant to the specific package.
Client’s email addressEnter the client’s email address to which the proposals will be sent.
Client’s full nameEnter the client’s full name (optional) for your records and for easier filtering in the Manage Proposals module.
Client’s phone numberEnter the client’s phone number (optional) for your records and for easier filtering in the Manage Proposals module.
General commentsEnter any general comments relevant to client.
Send ProposalsSend all proposals to the specified client email address and creates respective Proposals segments in the system.
CloseCloses the Send Proposals screen without sending the proposals or clearing the cart.



In general, the cancellation policy of each selected hotel package is specified for each proposal. However, in some cases where the cancellation policy cannot be retrieved by the system for a specific offer, a relevant message will be displayed.

Proposals Management

The system records each sent proposal as a proposal segment.

Users can view and perform various actions on proposal segments, depending on their permission and the segment’s status

Note: when several proposals are sent together via the Send Proposals screen, they are created under the same proposal segment ID with different proposal item IDs i.e. Proposal 66280 includes items 172979 & 172978:

Displaying Proposals

By default, the system displays all proposals to which the user has permissions.
You can use the Search Proposals screen to filter the displayed proposals list (see section 4.2).
The example below illustrates a Proposal segment which includes 2 items IDs:

ProposalDisplays the Proposal & Items IDs i.e. 66280.172979
StatusDisplays the proposal’s segment’s status, either Sent or Booked.
Proposal DetailsDisplays relevant proposal details i.e. destination, dates, hotel name and address, rate plan, etc.
Proposal idDisplays the Proposal ID.
Proposal item idDisplays the Proposal’s Item ID.
Sent dateDisplays the date on which the proposal was sent to the client.
AmountDisplays the total package amount in the client currency.
SupplierDisplays the package’s supplier name.
Action Buttons
Continue BookingOnce a client confirms he would like to book a sent proposal, clicking Continue Booking opens the Hotels tab and automatically uses the search criteria found in the proposal to display relevant results.
Note that the system displays a disclaimer that the proposal may no longer be available
DeleteDeletes the proposal item.
Full cancellation policyClick to display the full cancellation policy of the proposal.
Note that if the cancellation policy could not have been retrieved when the proposal was sent, the CXL Policy will not be available and the following text will be displayed
iClick to open the Proposal Summary tab which displays the details entered by the user when the proposal was sent.
Clicking Edit opens the Edit Proposal screen allowing editing the information for internal purposes.

Booked Proposals

The desired outcome of sending a proposal is to eventually transform it into an actual hotel booking.
Once a user “Continues Booking” of a proposal item and eventually creates an actual hotel booking, the system will automatically apply the following on the booked proposal item:

  1. The status of the proposal item is changed to “Booked”
  2. All the action buttons and links that were available on the right hand side of the proposal item are replaced with a link to the actual order (booking) that was created based on the proposal. Clicking the Order id link will open the Orders tab, displaying the actual hotel booking (order segment).
  3. If the original proposal was composed of multiple proposal items, only the booked proposal item remains in the system, while all other items that were not booked are automatically deleted.