Ticketing System

How to open a ticket

Method 1

  1. Click on the "Support" icon on the bottom right corner .
  1. Then the following screen will pop-up :
  1. Fill in and click "Send".

Method 2

Link to help-desk: Submit a Ticket :

  • Press on Zendesk option.
  • Log in with your user & password.
  • OR - press "sign up" for a new user.

Identify yourself by choosing the correct option, for you, from the "Client type" list.

Next choose the requested category from the optional list.

When you open a ticket on mapping mismatch that you encountered, it is mandatory to fill the form with as many fields as you can, in order us to investigate the mismatch and let you know our conclusions.

Choose your sub category from the list, that is influences by your previous choice Please notice: "Urgent issue with production or system failure" sub category - use it only when system is down or a critical component of the system isn't functioning, Please do not choose it because you have an urgent matter.

Choose the service type.

We always recommend to copy & paste the session id (On the B2B, it's called as "Error reference") on the ticket details. It might help us to identify the issue more quickly.

Getting session id can be from an error message that pops up :

Or when pressing ALT+ S on any screen after submitting a search.

Add Attachment by pressing the "Add file" wording, if screenshot is attached, mark the check box.
Please remember to attach FULL screenshot of your screen, and not only partial /
cut one.
The whole screenshot may help us to collect essential information, such as username which is currently logged in, timestamp, etc. – that might help us to identify the issue more quickly and efficiently. As a results, your ticket will
be answered faster.

Press "Submit" button to send your service request.