❓ FAQ - Distributions

Whose static data (Mapping.Works Lite) will the 'Demand Partner' use?

Answer: It is the responsibility of the Distribution Channel. The static data files can be provided to the Channel Partner either via CSV files or by an additional M.W Lite user account.

If you opt for additional Mapping.Works Lite user, please contact our support team.

Who is responsible for creating agents, users, and test users?

Answer: The control lies with the Distribution Channel. They have the ability to create both test and live agents/users.

How should ongoing support for 'Demand Partners' should be managed?

Answer: The first touch-point should be directly to the Distribution Channel, the Gimmonix support team will serve as an escalation point only for tickets raised by the Distribution Channel.

How can the 'Distribution Channel' manage the credit line?

Answer: Similar to Obligo (Credit Line Management), the Distribution Channel has the ability to manage/limit the credit line for any users or agents.

How do 'Demand Partners' sync with their invoicing system?

Answer: Each 'Demand Partner' can download or export financial / sales reports, use the Manage Orders screen, or utilize the Financial API.