Ratebook API Documentation


Ratebook empowers our partners to increase their profit margins by enhancing sales capabilities, resulting in increased revenue and sales.

Utilizing the Ratebook API streamlines the booking process, enabling our partners to increase the booking profits by reducing the purchasing costs.

This feature incorporates an advanced business logic layer aimed at improving search efficiency and maximizing profitability, providing users with a straightforward and expedient solution for optimizing revenue.

Ratebook API

The Ratebook API expects the following data:

  • Credentials - username and password as granted from Gimmonix.
  • Hotel and Room information-
    • Partner's HotelID or Gimmonix HotelID.
    • Check-in and Check-out dates.
    • Booking price (Net price) and Currency.
    • Costumes residency.
    • Refundability.
    • Room information (Room name, Meal Plan, number of Adults + Kids, room category etc).
  • Passengers - Passenger information and room allocations.


Special Parameters :

  • Room Id:
    Under the "Rooms" field, each "Id" - should be a unique (per reach room), self-generated GUID.
  • Passenger Id:
    Under the "LeadPassenger" and "AdditionalPassengers" fields - each passenger "Id" should be unique (per reach passenger), self-generated GUID.
  • Allocation:
    Under the "LeadPassenger" and "AdditionalPassengers" fields - each passenger's "Allocation" should be the respective room "Id" which was generated in the "Rooms" field.

Ratebook API Request & Response Parameters - Click here.

Ratebook API example (Postman) - Click here.

Post Booking

After completing a Ratebook API operation and successfully booking a room, partners have the option to utilize additional post-booking requests.

Cancel a Segment

This function submits a request to cancel an existing SegmentID with Status 'OK'.


Multi-Room Reservations

  • There are suppliers that return a single booking confirmation id for all rooms together - on HSP all rooms will be under single Segment ID.
  • There are suppliers that return for each room a unique booking confirmation id - on HSP each room will have his own Segment ID (correlated with supplier).

'Cancel Book' request supports single Segment ID only.

For case (1): all rooms will be cancelled at once.
For case (2): requires to send a 'Cancel Book' request per each SegmentID.
Or cancel part of the rooms by relevant SegmentIDs.

Cancel Segment examples (Postman) - Click here.

Check Status

This function submits a request to retrieve the updated status and booking data.

Check Status examples (Postman) - Click here.