Export Reservations

Order management section is intended for reservation management and reporting.


Allow to download orders, user can download the orders that he has permissions to see only.
There are 2 types of reports :

  1. Financial Report - Each order includes few rows according to the hierarchy from the Main Node till the user that made the reservation, allows to see the Supplier price (buying price from supplier) and the markups that was applied on each Node and the User
  2. Sales Report - expose one row per order with Final selling price to end consumer

Which can be downloaded in 3 types of formats

  1. CSV
  2. XML
  3. JSON

How to export & download reports

  1. Navigate to the "Orders" Screen in the Back-Office.
  2. In the upper section, click on the download icon :

  1. Just like when filtering orders, you can easily filter by date, segment type/status, suppliers, and more.
  2. Next, choose between the Financial or Sales report and select your preferred format: CSV, XML, or JSON :
  3. Click "Generate Report".