Hotel Level Content - UI



In order to keep the inventory up-to-date - we recommend downloading the static data once a week.

Registration and Login

Log into your Mapping.Works account - Live.Mapping.Works using the login information which was provided to you :


The Dashboard screen will be displayed after login :

  • Click "Connect Suppliers" screen - and choose your active suppliers .

  • Click to add "Data Fields" section - and choose the wanted fields .

  • Click "Run mapping" - the system in collects updated data from the active suppliers (from selected list).

  • Once Run mapping" completed - you'll be notified by email .

  • Click "Download Results" - the mapping (Hotels details) file will start downloading .

  • Click "Download Images" - all HSP images (from all suppliers and for all Hotels will be downloaded) you have to load just the relevant HSP hotel IDs images, as follows a link how to split images file: How To: Split Hotels Images files

  • Click one of the Languages - to download Hotels description in the selected Language

  • Click "Download Facilities" - all HSP Facilities (from all suppliers and for all Hotels will be downloaded)

  • Step-By-Step Guide

Add Data Fields

You may choose to add any Mapping.Works Lite data fields (columns) to your output files:

Simply drag and drop any relevant fields you wish to add to the output files:

Connect Suppliers

This functionality allows you to connect to a supplier or add additional suppliers to Mapping.Works Lite. You can easily edit or remove any connected suppliers by clicking “Connect +” to display the Manage Suppliers screen.

Simply drag and drop any relevant supplier you wish to add to the output files:

Choose Type of Inventory

Make the following selections for your desired output:

  1. Select suppliers to include :
    All Suppliers - Receive mapping results of all Mapping.Works Lite connected suppliers.
    Relevant Only - Receive mapping results only of your connected suppliers.
  2. Select property types to include:
    All properties - Receive mapping results for all property types.
    Hotels Only - Receive mapping results only for hotels.



The "Inventory toggles" are controlling the Mapping results file, and not related to static content (Images, Descriptions & Facilities).

Run mapping

After selecting your suppliers, return to the Dashboard and click the “Run Mapping” button:

The entire mapping process may take up to several hours. Once completed, you will be notified via email. You can close the browser at this time if you wish.

Download Results

You will receive an automated email once the mapping process is complete.
You can now download Hotels Details file directly from the email link:

You can also download it from Dashboard:

The downloaded file will contain mapping data from the HSP inventory and the selected supplier(s):

Confident: These are the properties of HSP Inventory with the data fields requested.

You have the option to download the last six mapping results from your Dashboard :

Format & Fields

The 'Confident' file has the following structure in .xlsx format:

  • HSP Hotel ID - This is the hotel ID provided by HSP (Column A).
  • DisplayName - This is the hotel name provided by HSP (Column B).
  • Address, Phone, CityName, CountryCode, StarRating, Lat, Lng, RoomCount, Website, etc.
    These are the entries provided by HSP (Columns C-S).


Download Inventory Data

This view allows you to download the most up-to-date HSP static content:

  • Photos.
  • Descriptions (Up to 10 different languages)
  • Facilities.