Key highlights of HSP Platform

Welcome to the core of innovation at Gimmonix!

In our continuous pursuit to drive your business forward, we're thrilled to introduce a suite of groundbreaking features designed to redefine the landscape of your operations. Each feature has been meticulously crafted to not only address the dynamic needs of the market but to also empower your business with unparalleled efficiency, profitability, and competitive edge.

Below, you will find a detailed table that highlights our key offerings and their transformative impact. From dynamic markup management to advanced rules engines, discover how our features can revolutionize the way you work and unlock new horizons of success.

FeatureFeature descriptionBenefit / ImpactKPIs and ROIAssociated areas
Markup management (Dynamic markups)Dynamic markup management using market pricing as a benchmark. Set min/max values and consider margin boundaries.Streamline pricing for maximum profitability and competitivenessGM Increase your gross margins by 35% while retaining same conversion metricsCompliance, parity, revenue loss
Hotel Rules engine-based logic for markups and search behaviorConfigure custom scenarios and behavior of search and pricing logic (e.g., discount specific hotels or supplier sets for certain timeframes). Override other markup, pricing, and business logic layers using a rules engine.Effortless setup for user-specific business conditionsConversion, GM, Operational risk decrease-
SmartbookAnalyze reservations at the moment of booking or post-booking to find the best buy-rate across suppliers. Compatible with current systems, settings, and booking flows. Option to run in Live or Evaluation mode.Reduce sold-out scenarios while maximizing per booking profitGM 1-3$ Net profit addition across all your reservations 25% decrease in sold out on booking attemptsSold outs, Revenue loss, customer issues, retention
RebookingRebooking functionality. Option to run in Live or Evaluation mode.Benefit from post-booking price dropsGM 1-3$ Net profit addition across all your reservationsBooking elsewhere, customer issues, retention
Logging and Session ManagementStores all search data for a period of 7 days or longer (if longer than 7 days - additional storage fees will apply and requires a dedicated cluster / resource group)Comprehensive data and message tracking between APIsRisk reduction, conflict resolution, quicker technical issues investigationTransparency applicationGain access to a comprehensive reporting and insights suite covering all aspects of Search to Book funnel and over 15 key reporting areas with over 80 data widgetsClear overview and insight-Pricing data / compsets / benchmarks, Costs, Supply analysis, Insights
GrafanaTools (eg: grafana) for monitoring and analyzing server and/or cloud infrastructure, suppliers and booking behaviorClear overview and insight-Supply analysis, Uptime, SLAs, Performance
SLAsService packages
HSP comes with a robust set of product, service and technical SLAs tailor to your needs.
Clearly defined service levels-Compliance, Operations, SLA's