SmartBook is crafted to enhance the success rate and profitability of hotel bookings.

Bookings might not go through due to issues like the supplier declaring a "sold out", "price change" or other errors at the time of booking.

SmartBook empowers the system to exhaust all options to ensure a booking is successful at the chosen hotel.

The main aim of SmartBook is to streamline the process of booking the desired room or rooms at the specified price, all in a single transaction.

Once the booking request is initiated, no additional steps are needed.
This feature is built with an advanced business logic layer, designed to maximize profit and boost the likelihood of a successful booking, even in scenarios like room unavailability or fluctuating prices.

When activated, SmartBook will search for an alternative package than what was initially requested by the user.
However, this alternative will always be of equal or superior quality in terms of room specifications, board options, cancellation policy, refundability, and will fall within an acceptable price range deviation.

SmartBook modes

  1. ProfitGen -
    ProfitGen operates by searching for more affordable rates while keeping the room type, basis, cancellation policy, and other factors unchanged. It then secures the more economical rate, aiming to enhance and maximize profits for each booking inquiry.
  2. ErrorRecovery -
    ErrorRecovery triggers when a booking fails due to sold-out rates, unavailability, or price changes. It then locates a comparable rate for the unsuccessful booking and rescues the booking attempt.

SmartBook Development requirements

SmartBook may book a room from a different supplier and buying price that was selected on the GetPackages step,
In case that the selected package (before the booking) is stored in your system (supplier name and buying price), after the SmartBook take place, need to store the new supplier and room details as been actually booked.

updated details can be pulled through: GetSmartBookData and GetSegmentSmartBookData.


Once the SmartBook is enabled, you can navigate to the "SmartBook Settings" by following the steps :

  1. Choose the desired Node/User to configure SmartBook to.
  2. Click on "SmartBook Settings" tab :
  1. Apply the wanted configuration.

Configuration Explained

1. General Settings

Field Description
StatusSmartBook Enabled/Disabled
SplitterSplitter - splitting nights between different suppliers.
Enabled - will enable Splitter on this Node and his child Nodes/Users
Disabled - will disable Splitter on this Node and his child Nodes/Users
Override CommissionSet override commission per defined contracts, extra commissionUsage for the rate.
Usage-typeDefines SmartBook logic.
"ProfitGen" : SmartBook system prioritizes maximizing profits during the booking process. It actively seeks out and books packages that are more profitable than the initially selected rate, thereby enhancing revenue generation.

"ErrorRecovery" : SmartBook's primary objective is to secure the originally selected package. However, if issues arise, such as 'sold out' status, price changes, or any other booking failures, SmartBook tries to salvage the booking by finding suitable alternatives.
Activate for refundable offers onlyChecked - SmartBook will only apply on Refundable packages
Unchecked - SmartBook will apply on Refundable & Non-Refundable packages
Discard candidates threshold Set a threshold for SmartBook to exclude packages from being candidates, if their supplier price is lower then X% from the users selected package price.
Get updated price thresholdSet a threshold for SmartBook to initiate a call to suppliers for receiving updated price for candidates, if their price is higher by X% from the users selected price.
Allowed contracts for bookDefines a contract group, which only contracts under this group will considered in the SmartBook logic.
Timeout (seconds)Timeout in seconds for the SmartBook search.

2. Cancellation Policy Settings

Allow fallback to NFR CXL PolicyWhen checked- the system will create and assign a NFR CXL for packages which the user called to get CXL for , yet an error occured.

Book user's selection first if ...

Candidates profit increase is less thenIf the profit increase is less then fixed amount/percentage from the selected package - book the selected package.
Its contract is inIf the contract is from predefined contract group - book the selected package.
Its property ID is inif the HotelID is from predefined hotels - book the selected package.
Its property country is inif the Hotels country is from predefined country list - book the selected package.
Its property chain is inif the Hotels chain is from predefined chain list - book the selected package.

4. If the users selection failed

Profit forfeit % is no more thanIf the profit increase is less then defined percentage - try to book another rate/package.

How it reflects

1. SmartBook reports

RequestExplanationAPI collection Link
GetSmartBookDataWill retrieve all monetary calculations and consideration for a number of SmartBook orders between dates, depending on your search query.Click Here
GetSegmentSmartBookDataRetrieving both the order details and financial details on SmartBook segments.Click Here

2. Manage Orders screen

Whenever SmartBook feature is being triggered , there's 2 indicators which will indicate what mode of SmartBook triggered in the "Manage orders" screen :

ProfitGen - will indicate with -

For Example - In this case SmartBook increased the profit by 10.14 USD :

ErrorRecovery - will indicate with -

For Example - In this case , SmartBook salvages a failed booking :

In this case , SmartBook salvages a failed booking with profit of 96.22 $ instead of 102.53 $ :