Transparent Pricing Flow


At HSP, we are strong advocates of transparency. With that commitment in mind, we have developed a comprehensive pricing system that offers full transparency to our clients throughout the booking process, even when it can be quite lengthy.

When booking a room, customers typically engage in a phase where they assess various hotels and room options while conducting comparisons. Within this timeframe, room prices may fluctuate due to change in suppliers pricing and availability. These fluctuations can result a price change during the booking.

Example scenario:

  • A room is available for $100 from Supplier "A" during the "GetPackages" step.
  • Once the end-costumer books this room, the PreBook step indicated price increase to $108.
  • If we continue with this booking, there will be an $8 price difference.
  • In such a situation:
    • Option 1 - we can proceed with the booking.
    • Option 2 - we can stop the process, in order to decide whether the new price is acceptable.

What is the Solution ?

'Can receive updated price'

In order to solve the price differences and changes, HSP allows client to enable "Can receive updated price" feature.

This feature, determines if client will proceed with the booking - even though the room price been changed.

When this feature is enabled, the booking process will stop when the system indicated about price alteration during the booking step. This empowers both you and your customers to evaluate whether the updated price is suitable for booking or if an alternative room should be selected.

As a result, if a price change occurs during the booking process, and the consumer is in the process of proceeding to the booking step, a corresponding error will be returned instead of allowing the booking to proceed. The error can be one of the following:

  • E20300 - Booking cannot be confirmed due to price change.
  • E20200 - Booking cannot be confirmed due to price change.
  • E4500 - Booking cannot be confirmed due to no pre-book response receive.

Transparent Pricing Flow

Regardless of the 'Can receive updated price' feature is enabled or not, HSP Glogs enables you to thoroughly examine and comprehend the complete pricing process through this dedicated tool.

Within this tool, you will have access to comprehensive pricing information, including the Net Price, markup percentages, and markup amounts (both Static and Dynamic), as well as all supplier logs, including cancellation policy prices, final prices, taxes, and much more.

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