Mapping - Supports & Service Packages

Self-Serve PlatformDesigned for hassle-free, self-service usage with no traffic fees.Self serve
Zero Traffic FeesOur service incurs no traffic fees, ensuring cost-effective operations for your business.None
Support and CollaborationIncludes onboarding, tech support, and access to collaboration tools for effective project management.✅
User-friendly Ticketing SystemLeverage our Zendesk support system for hassle-free issue reporting, with response times tailored to issue severity.✅
Support availabilityTicket response time according to issue severity.Priority:
(1) Support portal
(2) Email
SLAs and Account ManagementOffers detailed service level agreements for uptime and support, along with dedicated account management.
Service Level Agreements (SLAs)Benefit from defined response times for requests and tickets, alongside guaranteed uptime and service availability for both WebApp and API, ensuring reliability and trust in our solutions.Regular - within 72 hours

Important - within 48 hours

Critical- within 8 hours
Technical SLAUp time and service availability (WebApp)99.3%
Technical SLAUp time and service availability (API)99.3%
Usage limitsMapping run - frequency limitations1 a week
Innovation through New IntegrationsOpen doors to new possibilities with the development of supplier loading automation, allowing for seamless integration of new data sources into your mapping strategy.3000/Year