Distribution Through HSP's Back-Office for B2B


In the Travel industry, profitability is not limited solely to the sale of accommodations, it can also be achieved through distribution to other Travel companies, such as downstreaming your accommodations via B2B channels.

However, it is important to acknowledge that the process of distribution through B2B channels can be intricate. It entails a meticulous setup of various configurations and settings to ensure the seamless distribution of accommodations provided by your suppliers.

What do you get ?

  1. A unique URL, such as pi.ratefox.com and full suite of Booking engine and Back-Office.
  2. The capability to manage agents and users.
  3. Control over what they can view and do.
  4. The ability to create agents and users with login credentials.
  5. Tools to monitor and throttle user activity.
  6. More.

HSP Back-Office White-Label

The Back-Office white-labeling option empowers you to personalize the system with your own logo, background, and even the favicon. This flexibility allows you to create an Agents-based system tailored to your specific requirements.

For more information about UI Personalization - Click here.

By opting for the white-labeling of our Back-Office, you gain access to a fully branded and ready to-use Booking engine. This eliminates the need for the development or implementation of separate Hotels API and order management systems.

A white-labeled Back-Office consolidates a comprehensive suite of HSP's capabilities into a single system, empowering you to effortlessly handle various tasks, including booking, order management, cancellations, and modifications to existing bookings and much more.

Furthermore, it provides you with a modern Booking engine enriched with hotel-level content, detailed room information, advanced filtering capabilities, and a host of other features to enhance your overall user experience.

Personalized Login screen, with custom logo and Background

Personalized Login screen, with custom logo and Background


When distributing via HSP's Back-Office, the channel partner should receive the following resources: