Basic Settings

HSP Admin panel allows for managing all administration aspects of the company, including:

  • Company Structure: Branches, Departments and Users
  • User Permissions
  • Supplier Contracts (accounts)
  • Setup and Configuration of Markups & Commissions, Advanced Features, Currency Exchange Rates, Credit Lines (Obligo), Custom Settings, Hotel Rules, and much more.

Management of company structure. There are two main types of entities in the system: nodes and users.
A node represents an organizational entity which can be equivalent to a company, branch, brand/sub-brand, etc.
A user is the actual point of sale - whether it's an API user or a travel agent.
Some system settings are applicable only on Nodes and some settings are applicable only on users.

In order to set settings on the relevant node or user, the admin user has to login and select the node or user he plans to set the relevant settings.