Search Result Biasing


The "Search Result Biasing" feature enables the system to assign a "score value" to hotels based on their characteristics and the attributes of their most affordable package.

This score is then utilized to prioritize hotels when users opt to sort search results by "Recommended".

Although there's a standard method for scoring all hotels, the Biasing settings allow for adjustments to this score based on specific business requirements or user preferences.

For instance, if proximity to the city center and "TrustYou" ratings are top priorities in hotel selection, the Biasing settings can be adjusted to amplify the impact of these factors on the overall score. As a result, hotels that excel in these areas will appear higher in the Recommended search results.



The Biasing feature is enabled on the Client level.


To access the "Biasing Settings" :

  1. On the Back-Office, click "Manage company" to open admin tab.
  2. Click the Node/User which the Biasing configuration will apply to.
  3. Click on "Operational settings" tab to display related toolbar :
  1. Click on "Biasing settings" to display the Biasing settings :

Each parameter has value range of -7 and 7.
This value, represents the exponentiation by which the score value of this parameter is powered when calculating the total score value of the hotel.

For example, when the Biasing parameter is set to : 2, the system's default score value will be powered by 2.
This will increase the parameter’s influence on the total score value.

When the Biasing parameter is set to : -2, the system's default score will be powered by 1/2 (half).
This will decrease the parameter’s influence on the total score value.

Biasing Settings Fields

Field Description
Is test modeThis flag is designed for testing purposes.

When selected, the Back-Office displays the different Biasing parameter values on
the search results instead of the hotel’s address.

When placing the mouse over the Biasing line (under the hotel name), a blue
tooltip displays the calculated values for each parameter, the FINAL biasing score,
and any score set by the Rules engine (if applicable).
In Test mode you can view how the system calculated each Biasing parameter and
compare different hotels to learn how your customized biasing settings affect the
hotel’s final score value.
Star ratingThe Star Rating of a hotel.
TrustYouThe TrustYou Traveler Rating of a hotel..
PriceThe Price of the cheapest package offered at a hotel.
ProximityThe hotel’s Proximity to the selected city center/POI.
RefundabilityThe Refundability of the cheapest package offered at a hotel.
Not room onlyThe Board of the cheapest package offered at a hotel.
Special dealsAny “special deals” specified for the cheapest package offered at a hotel.
The system checks if any “Special Deals” strings appear in the cheapest package
returned by the supplier for the hotel.
SaveClick to save your changes.
ResetClick to reset any changes you made back to the system default i.e. all parameters
will be set back to ‘0’.
"Is test mode" : on

"Is test mode" : on

How to apply the the filter biasing score

In the Book Hotels screen (via UI), sort the search results by "Sort by Recommended" :