Cache Management


Effective cache management is crucial for enhancing speed and efficiency. The storage and retrieval of data form the cornerstone of providing real-time and precise information.

When it comes to Room.Works and room mapping data - you have two options:

  • Using Room.Works Cache
    Rely on the live queries and data retrieval offered by the Room.Works API.
  • Building you own Cache
    Construct your own cache and implement data retrieval based on the cache built on your end.

This article primarily concentrates on utilizing the Room.Works API in the most optimized manner to minimize latency and also the maintenance and management of cache.

Pros & Cons

Using Room.Works Cache1) Reduced Operational Costs - Eliminates the necessity for a separate data integration team, lowering operational costs.
2) Security and Standardization - APIs enable secure data sharing, ensuring information security and accessibility.
3) Updated data - by leveraging the Room.Works cache, the necessity for manual data updates is removed, ensuring that the information remains consistently current.
1) Dependency on External Services - Relying on live data from APIs means your application's functionality can be heavily dependent on the availability and reliability of these external services.
2) Handling Payloads - API payloads can impact performance, especially when handling with live data.
Building you own Cache1) Customization and Control - Building your own cache system offers complete control over caching strategies, including what to cache, how update it and how to invalidate it​.
2) Performance Efficiency - A well-implemented cache reduces the need for live data fetches, speeding up response times.
1) Development and Maintenance - Creating and maintaining a custom caching solution requires considerable effort and technical expertise.
2) Security and Data Integrity - Ensuring that cached data remains secure and up-to-date especially in rapidly changing environments​ can be challenging.

Using Room.Works Cache

If you opt to use the Room.Works API for live querying to retrieve room information, you can integrate the Room.Works API into your system and rely on our room mapping cache.

With this approach, whenever room information is required, a request to the Room.Works Mapping API is necessary.

The API will then provide a response containing the mapping information and enriched room content, allowing clients to gain a clearer understanding of the room information's such as: Descriptions, Amenities and room Images.

Building your own Cache

If you opt to create and manage your own local cache and data, a proper API implementation and data caching are essential.

MethodHow toBest for
Live Querying with Mapping APIEmploy real-time querying to handle each response. Save the data to your cache and synchronize processes for efficient data management.Ideal for applications requiring up-to-the-minute accuracy. Requires robust infrastructure to handle live data processing and caching effectively.
Batch Processing with Mapping APIUtilize automatic processes to send multiple requests (up to 200 rooms per request), caching the data for later use without live queries.Efficient for bulk data handling, reducing the need for constant live updates. Useful for background processes and reducing load during off-peak times.

Keeping the Data updated

MethodHow toComments
Updated Hotels APIUtilize the "Updated Hotels API" to fetch a list of HotelIDs that have had data changes since a specified date. This ensures your cache remains current with the latest data.Essential for maintaining up-to-date information in your system by periodically synchronizing with the latest changes.
Data ValidationImplement real-time data validation by simultaneously presenting room data while also sending a background request to the Mapping API for the latest data. Compare the newly fetched data against your cached data to identify and update any changes.This method provides an additional layer of accuracy and reliability, ensuring access the most current data.



To utilize the "Updated Hotels API", it is necessary to provide us with the list of your connected suppliers.