POC: Hotel Sales Platform


This guide aims to furnish you with essential guidelines and steps for establish connecting with and testing the Gimmonix Hotel Sales Platform services.

Our platform encompasses a variety of functions, including:

  • Search & Booking Engine.
  • Orders Management.
  • Logs viewer.
  • Monitoring and business insights through BI.WORKS and Grafana.
  • Access to comprehensive Hotel and Room Content.
  • Numerous additional capabilities.

HSP' platform offers advanced functionalities, including real-time hotel and room content retrieval, to enhance users experience.


POC Goals

The objective of Proof of Concept (POC) is to evaluate and experiment with the various components of Gimmonix' HSP, focusing primarily on:

  • Assessing the HSP Search functionality, including options for single room, multi-room, and child-related queries.
  • Testing the HSP Hotel Results filtering system, which involves filtering by room type, locations, and other parameters.
  • Exploring the Hotel Content aspect of the platform.
  • Examining the capabilities of HSP Room filtering and Room content, encompassing room filters and detailed room information.
  • Evaluating the cancellation policies and payment preferences.

Prerequisites and Preparation

  • To obtain test credentials (Username + Password) - please request from your contact person at Gimmonix.
  • Define your desired workflow - Using HSP's Hotels API or our Back-Office solution.
  • Set up the test environment (Back-Office or any testing of web APIs tools i.e. Postman / Insomnia).

Steps for completing the POC

For a simplified Proof of Concept (POC) procedure, please follow your preferred workflow:

  1. Hotels API: If you are a client planning to utilize our Hotels API - Click here for Step-by-Step Guide.
  2. Book Hotels - through HSP Back-Office: For clients interested in utilizing our Back-Office Solution - Click here for Step-by-Step Guide.

Support: During & After the POC

If you require any assistance, have questions or need clarification, you have two options available:

  1. Search in our Documentation for the information you need. (Recommended)
  2. Submit a support ticket to our dedicated support team.

Going Pre-Live / Live

As outlined in the article "Working with Cert & Prod" - HSP distinguishes between two separate environments: Certification (Cert) and Production (Prod).

To successfully carry out the Proof of Concept (POC), HSP provides the Certification (testing) environment. Here, you can integrate with the API, conduct testing, and make bookings without any concerns about initiating live bookings.

Once the POC is fully prepared, and all necessary steps are completed, you can proceed to transition to the Production (Live) environment to go live.