Hotel mapping via UI - Guide

How to map through Mapping.Works UI - Guide

This guide will walk you through all the necessary steps to complete a mapping using the Mapping.Works dedicated UI. Please follow along step by step to successfully complete the mapping process.

Step 1 - Login into Mapping.Works

Step 2 - Upload your inventory

By simply clicking on 'Upload Your Inventory' button :

Please load your properties / inventory file (.csv/.xls format) with as much hotel information as possible :

Once the file upload is completed, Mapping.Works will consider the following fields (columns):

Hotel IDProperty IDYes
Hotel NameProperties NameYes
AddressProperties Address
Address 2Properties Address 2
Address 3Properties Address 2
City Nameproperties City Name
ZipProperties Zip Code
Country Name or CodeProperties Country name or ISO2/ISO3 Country Code.Yes
StateProperties state (ISO2), state code
PhoneProperties phone number.
FaxProperties Fax number.
EmailProperties Email address.
WebsiteProperties website.
Star ratingProperties Star-Rating
Room CountNumber of rooms in the property.
LatitudeProperties Geo-Location.
LongitudeProperties Geo-Location.
Chain CodeHotel chain name or 2 character code.
Full Image URLLink to desired main properties image
Cross ReferenceHotel Code in other systems (i.e. your Hotel Code in the Expedia file)
Additional infoUser defined field for any attribute

Please help us identify the uploaded fields by choosing a respective name for each column from the drop-down list :

Finally, upload the file :

Step 3 - Connect Supplier

Whether it is your first use of Mapping.Works or a new inventory supplier you would like to get mapped against, you first need to connect with this supplier. Please check which version of the API the supplier you want to connect Mapping.Works are using.

If the Supplier doesn't exists in Mapping.Works - you can simply click on "Add Custom Supplier".

You can edit or remove any connected suppliers easily, click “Connect” to display the Manage Suppliers screen:

You can manage any of your connected suppliers via this screen.



When connecting Suppliers - the system will ask for a Upload a File :

In such case - Please upload a blank file to continue.

Accept Terms and Conditions - You must own the copyrights or have the necessary rights for any content you upload to Mapping.Works. By accepting the terms and conditions, you assume any and all responsibility for obtaining the necessary rights.

Finish - Click Finish to connect the supplier.

Once done, the connected suppliers will be present on the right side of the dashboard :

Step 4 - Choose Data Fields

By clicking on "Data Field", you can choose your desired Data Fields which will be returned in the results file.

Step 5 - Run Mapping

After you've successfully :

  • Uploaded your Inventory file.
  • Connected your desired Suppliers.
  • Chosen the wanted Data-Fields.

You can then continue to click on "Run Mapping" which will trigger the mapping to be done.

The Mapping status bar will indicate the progress :

Once done, you'll get an email notification indicating that the mapping progress is done :

Step 6 - Review the Mapping status

The 'Hotel Mapping' screen provides you a summary view of your suppliers mapping runs.

Mapping results are aggregated by supplier:

Use this box to search by supplier name to filter the results
Sort results by Alphabetical order/ Mapping run date
Supplier name/logo
Mapping run date
Overall number of properties in the supplier’s portfolio
Number of properties that were mapped successfully
Number of possible mapped properties
Number of properties the supplier offers which were not found in your inventory file. These are considered as an opportunity for you to improve your offering to your clients
The ratio between mapped properties and the total number of supplier properties. In other words, how well the supplier inventory is represented in your inventory file

Step 7 - Review Mapping

The “review mapping” process is a convenient way to find hotels and review their mapping.

Field numberFieldDescription
1HotelIDSearch for any hotel you have by its ID in your system.
2Hotel nameSearch by the hotel name in your system.
3Travolutionary IDSearch by the hotel’s HSP ID. The HSP hotel id is included in all results files.
4Supplier Hotel IDSearch by the hotel’s supplier ID. The supplier hotel id is included in all results files. (Source-key).
5CountryResearch a particular country. List of hotels in the selected country will be presented.
6Cityresearch a particular city. List of hotels in the selected city will be presented.
7Addressresearch a particular address. List of hotels in the selected address will be presented.

By clicking on the '+' button - you can review the full mapping of each Hotel :

Step 8 - Inventory Data Quality

In the Main Dashboard, by clicking on 'view all' in the Inventory Data Quality - you can open a statistics screen per each field provided along with coverage percentage :

Step 9 - Download the results

Once all the steps as been done , you can navigate to the Main Dashboard and Click on "Download Results":

The downloaded file will contain Mapping data between your inventory and the selected supplier/s :

ConfidentThese are the properties which were mapped to your inventory.
Confident LinksCSV file for easy upload of the properties which were mapped to your inventory.
ErrorsThis TXT file outlines all the records which the system was not able to process. Typically, these would be records which are lacking at least one mandatory field ('Hotel Name' and/or 'Hotel id'), or alternatively were recognized as test properties.
InactiveInactive properties.
UnmappableThese are the properties found in your inventory, to which no matching property was found in our inventory. This list should be minimal and in case there is a large amount of properties, should be checked by us.

Format and Fields

ASourceKeythis is the hotel ID provided in the source file for mapping.
BHotelNamethis is the hotel name provided in the source file for mapping.
CAddressthese are the entries provided in the source file. They are included in the results files for reference only. If one of them is blank, this means it was not provided in the source file.
TMappingWorksHotelIdthis is the HSP Hotel ID of the mapped property.
UMappingWorksHotelNamethis is the information that HSP has for the property.
VMappingWorksAddressthis is the information that HSP has for the property.
WMappingWorksPhonethis is the information that HSP has for the property.
XMappingWorksCityNamethis is the information that HSP has for the property.
YMappingWorksCountryCodeIso2this is the information that HSP has for the property.
ZMappingWorksStatethis is the information that HSP has for the property.
AA + Supplier Namethis will be arranged by the suppliers you have requested to connect. Standing on a certain column of a supplier, will show you the amount of properties the supplier have in each file you open.