POC: Back-Office Solution

Book Hotels - through HSP Back-Office

Step 1: Preparation

In order to test our Book Hotels engine, HSP suggest a recommended flow when searching and bookings hotels.

When it comes to preparing the Back-Office book engine, we have dedicated a fully and easy to understand Documentation for our Book Hotels - through HSP Back-Office, along with explanations.

For Book Hotels - through HSP Back-Office Documentation - Click here.

If you can check all the prerequisites here - please proceed to Step 2.

  • I've obtained a test credentials (Username and Password).
  • I've understood the book Hotels flow.

Step 2: Login and test the Flow

Once everything is set, we can proceed with testing. This can be accomplished by initiating a Search Hotels request using the Back-Office interface. Please rest assured that we will guide you through each step.

Search Hotels: The Search Hotels screen allows you to specify the Point of Interest (POI), check-in and check-out dates, and the number of rooms. Once all the required fields are filled out, simply click "Search."

Upon initiating the search request, HSP will then conduct a search and return all hotels that meet the search criteria, leading to a display of hotels along with additional filters that can be applied.

Get Packages: After conducting a hotel search, you can select any hotel by clicking on it. This action will trigger a GetPackages request, which will display all available rooms for the chosen hotel.

Get Cxl Policy: Each room returned in the GetPackages step can be clicked to view the complete cancellation policy.

Book: Once you have reviewed the room information and are ready to proceed, click "Book" to make a reservation.

Step 3: Testing

In this step we can proceed with the Proof of Concept (POC) testing. This testing should encompass a comprehensive assessment, including the Search flow & user experience.

This comprehensive evaluation will not only ensure the correct functionality of the API but also assess advanced aspects of your Search and Bookings engine's performance.

Step 4: POC

Once all the steps are completed and you have successfully checked off each item on the POC checklist:

  • Step 1: Preparation
  • Step 2: Integrate the API
  • Step 3: Testing

The POC is now fully prepared and ready to proceed with hotel searching and bookings.