Partner Success - What To Expect

What to Expect from Partner Success

Onboarding Flow

We’re all about taking you from Zero to Hero with our amazing Travel Technology. This starts
with our onboarding flow, starting off with a kick-off call. We’ll review your goals, timescales,
and align on expectations, and the next steps.

Understanding Your Business

Our Success team will be interested to learn about your business, and why and how travel
technology is important for you. The more we can know and learn about your travel business,
the better placed we are to assist you on your journey and in assisting to maximize the value we
can bring from the full range of features and functionality.

We’ll also want to meet your team and understand their roles and responsibilities.

Regular Touch-Point Calls

We want to ensure that there’s good communication throughout the entire process, so we’ll set
regular calls to touch base to check-in on the progress you’re making. We’ll want to know if you
encounter any road bumps on the way, and how we can help smooth them out. We’ll set a
series of regular calls, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on your go-live date and

Escalation Point

The normal flow for technical support is to open a Support Ticket - They will provide you with ongoing service and support.
Your Account Manager should be considered an escalation point, for issues taking an extended time
to resolve.

Optimization, Ongoing Relationship and Value Add

Once you’re Live and have your first bookings, we move into a second phase of helping monitor
your growth and reviewing how we can optimize your performance. It is important to us to
continue to maintain and grow our relationship with you, supporting your growth and continue to
add value.