Orders and Segment Statuses

A Segment represents a booking for a specific ServiceType (on our case, Hotels) that has been made on the system.

An Order may include several segments, depending on how the supplier is handling multi-rooms booking.

To extend, When booking multiple rooms, some suppliers will create it as a single reservation on their side, while others will create 1 reservation for each room (Tourico, DOTW, and Expedia Rapid are a good example for that).

In that case, you'll get from our system 1 OrderID and X Segment IDs (depends on the count of supplier orders created on his side).

Since cancellation/check status is done on a SEGMENT level, please make sure that when canceling a segment that is associated with SAME Order Id - You are sending cancellations requests for ALL segments tied under the same Order Id.

Order Statuses

OKAll segments that belong to the order are confirmed (OK).
CXThe order is canceled.
ICIncomplete - means that one of the segments in that order are PE, PI or NOT OK, CX or ER

We recommend sending check status request for retrieving the latest updated status from the supplier.
RQ status can be changed either to "RJ" or to "OK", or remain in RQ.

RQ status can be changed manually to "OK", using our B2B/Backoffice, under 'Manage Orders' screen.

Segment Statuses

RQRequested. The package you requested is waiting for the supplier to confirm it.
CXThe order is canceled.
OKThe booking has been confirmed.
RJThe booking request was rejected by the supplier. Final status, i.e cannot be changed.
PEPending. The reservation was confirmed on the supplier side, but when Check-Status requested - invalid status returned from the supplier. Requires manual handling and verification of the segment status on supplier system.
PF Payment Failed - The Credit Card has been authorized on the full amount by the Payment Gateway, however, the commit step (actual charge) failed. Applicable only for clients who are using one of the integrated Payment Gateways to process a credit card transaction. Most of the payment gateways have their own transaction management panel, where you can locate the transaction, either by last 4 digits of the credit card or transaction id (can be retrieved from the 'Manage Orders' screen on our B2B), and manually force the commit on the credit card.

Please note that the booking was actually created on the supplier side, thought payment hasn't been collected successfully.
PF status can be changed manually to "OK", using our B2B/Backoffice, under 'Manage Orders' screen.
ERError occurred during the booking attempt. Might be an outcome as a result of an unexpected booking response from the supplier, timeout error, connection close, or any other issue. Please verify in the supplier's system whether the booking was created or not, before sending any additional booking request for the same package, to prevent accidentally duplicated bookings
PIPending Invoicing
Status can be changed manually to "OK" using our Back Office

Expedia Rapid (EPS) note for "property collect" feeds:

Clients who are working with EPS "property collect" should be aware that according to EPS, if "Property Collect" inventory was sold, the hotel may cancel the reservation up to 3 days from its creation date due to several reasons.

Thus - even if an OK status was returned - it is subjected to changes during the first 72 hours.
HSP will monitor the status for this period of time and notify the client via email notification in case of a status update.

Segment Cancellation Statuses

CPCancellation Pending. The supplier didn't approve your cancellation request. Please send another check status request or cancellation request.
CXThe segment was canceled successfully. Final status, i.e cannot be changed.
ERC there was an error while trying to cancel the reservation. Occurs when supplier returns un-expected reply for the cancellation attempt. Read more about ERC below.

Please contact the supplier to verify the reservation status and/or cancel it directly on the supplier system.

ERC status can be changed either to "CX" or to "CP", or remain in "ERC".

Flight Segment Statuses

PNRCreated PNR status - booked
TRQTicketing requested.
TKTPNR was ticketed.
MANError, status came from the supplier is not clear. The segment required Manual handling.


Clients can handle Non-Final segments both by API (i.e. Check Status) and manually through the Manage Orders screen in the Back-Office.

For the full "Handling with Non-Final Statuses & unclosed transactions" Article.