Payment Gateways Suppliers

Here you can find a table with all Payment Gateway suppliers that are integrated on our platform.

The generic booking flow for clients that are using one of the payment gateways integrated on the platform is:

  1. The client sends to Travolutionary a booking request with Credit Card details and amount to be charged.

  2. Travolutionary sends the Payment Gateway authorization request for the amount.

  • Authorization successful - Travolutionary sends a booking request to the hotel supplier.

  • Authorization not successful - Travolutionary returns E3000 error code, and error message (if returned from the payment gateway).

  1. Travolutionary sends booking request to the service supplier (Hotels, Flights, Cars, Activities, Transfers).
  • Supplier confirmed the booking - Travolutionary will send the payment gateway request to commit the amount that was authorized previously.

Commit successful - Travolutionary will create a segment in the system.

Commit not successful - PF Status segment will be created.

Important :

This article is not applicable for clients which are processing Credit Card transactions on their side or using a Payment Gateway supplier which IS NOT on this list.

In this case, the suggested flow of your booking process should be as follow:

  1. Customer chooses the selected package and enters credit card details.

  2. You authorize the amount (price) of the package with your own payment gateway.

    A. Authorization successful? - Send us a book request with selected payment method as 'Cash'.

    B. Authorization failed? - Do not send us the book request, unless you have other options to collect the amount from the customer.

  3. Wait for valid OrderBookResponse with status. More details here.

    A. Status is OK/OK1/OK2/RQ? Commit (charge) the customer Credit Card.

    B. Status is ER/RJ, or we returned an error? Rollback the authorization process.

In case you are working with one of the suppliers from the list, we already did all that coding and flow for you, and integrated the payment gateway supplier into our platform.

All we need is the XML/API credentials for accessing the supplier API on behalf of you, in order to send it Credit Card transactions.

Supplier NameShort NameSupplierIDStatus

Virtual Credit Card Suppliers

Supplier NameShort NameStatus
Amadeus WalletAMDIntegrated