Glogs - Transactions Guide


HSP's Glogs offers several tools to help you identify and troubleshoot unsuccessful bookings, understand the reasons behind errors, and find solutions. One of the tools is the Transactions Screen.

Transactions Screen

This screen assists in locating all unsuccessful transactions within a specified time period, filtering them by time, agent/user, and error code. Use this tool routinely or when encountering numerous errors to identify problematic suppliers, agents, or contracts.

Access the tool at:



Inside the Transactions Screen, the default filter shows all errors from today (starting at 00:00 AM) up to the current time, based on UTC.

However, you can customize the results by selecting different dates or searching for specific error codes.

From Date - [Mandatory] Date to start searching from, the system allow you to pick a start time
To Date - [Mandatory] Date until when to search, the system allows you to pick an end time
Service Type - [Optional] all the services that are activated, for example: hotels, flights, Cars, Activities etc.
Suppliers - [Optional] search for transactions with specific suppliers (multichoice)
Contains Service Errors - [Optional] search for transactions that contain a specific error code
Include Transactions With Orders - [Optional, Recommended to un-check] checking this field will make the results include sessions that were not unsuccessful
Limit - [Mandatory] allows for a limit to the number of results given, the maximum value is 10,000


After filling all of the fields and pressing the Filter button, the customized results will be shown.

The results will include a table that contains all of the filtered transactions.

By clicking on one of the transactions (a row), the session will appear on the right side of the screen; find out exactly at what stage the transaction failed and for what reason.

Travolutionary error codes can be understood and handled by using the error handling guide from our documentation.


After receiving the results from the Transactions Screen, you can apply additional filters.

For instance, you can filter the results to show only transactions from a specific agent, within a particular time range, or those that include a specific error. To do this, click the filter icon and adjust the filter values accordingly.

Here’s an example: