Implementation Guide


Implementing SmartBook API in the bookings flow has a few aspects that highly recommended to plan before starting the implementation:

  • Understanding how SmartBook operated.
  • Understanding the required flow adjustments on partners side.
  • SmartBook risk-awareness.
  • Prerequisites.

How SmartBook Operates

Here's an overview of the process:

  • Partner initiates a search and follows through all the necessary steps up to the point of booking the room.
  • Right before submitting the booking request to the supplier, the partner triggers a SmartBook API request to Gimmonix.
  • The SmartBook API then searches for and compares alternative hotel rooms, by finding the same type of room at a better price point.
  • If SmartBook finds a room offer with a better price point, it automatically books this room.
  • In cases where SmartBook does not find a offers at a better price point, it returns a message advising the user to continue with their original room offer.

Required Flow adjustments

The SmartBook API seamlessly integrates into the booking process prior to sending the Book-Request to accommodation suppliers.

This integration ensures that the necessary flow adjustments occur solely at the booking step, ensuring swift and effortless integration.

Risk Awareness

Room Mapping
SmartBook API leverages a sophisticated room mapping to compare requested rooms with alternative options.
This incorporates various room attributes including room name, meal plan, room category, cancellation policies, and more.

By ensuring the booking of the precise room, it effectively minimizes risks and enhances precision in the booking process.

Interactive process
The SmartBook logic integrates an interactive process designed to seamlessly handle instances where information is not fully comprehended or alternative room options are unavailable.

In such cases, SmartBook intelligently halts the process and provides clear guidance to proceed with the original room option, guaranteeing that if no alternative room is identified, users can confidently proceed with their native room option.


Before you can start leveraging the capabilities of the SmartBook API, there are several key steps you need to complete:

  • Property Mapping
    SmartBook API requests can be initiated using either your own HotelIDs or Gimmonix HotelIDs. Mapping between each of your properties and their respective HotelIDs is imperative for seamless functionality.

The mapping process can be done simply by sharing your properties mapping file, along with your HotelIDs.

  • Connecting Accommodation Supplier
    For SmartBook to effectively conduct searches, comparisons, and bookings, it is essential to create and configure your accommodation suppliers within Gimmonix system.

This can be done by providing API credentials to Gimmonix, enabling to create the necessary accounts and configure them accordingly.

Once the SmartBook API workflows and prerequisites are fully met and comprehended, you may proceed to the SmartBook API Documentation.