The Mapping REST API is protected by the same restrictions which are provided via the Mapping works standard web interface. This means that you must log in before using the Mapping.Works API.
Any authentication that works against the Mapping.Works website will work against the REST API. Our API is using the cookie-based(session) authentication.
This is how cookie-based authentication works at a high level:

  1. The client creates a new session for the user, via the Mapping.Works REST API .
  2. Mapping.Works returns a session object, which has information about the session including the session cookie. The client stores this session object.
  3. The client can now set the cookie in the header for all subsequent requests to the Mapping.Works REST API.
    After a successful login, the http 200 OK response message will be returned. In case of an error 401 Unauthorized with the error message is returned.
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