Testing - "Evaluation" Mode


During the development and implementation phase, activities with the Ratebook API are conducted within the Certification environment (testing environment).

The assessment of the Ratebook API's performance, including the analysis of profit increases, can occur in the Production (Live) environment as well. This allows for real data gathering and analysis in Production without initiating actual "Live" bookings.

To enable this evaluation mode, simply switch the Work-Mode to "EV" (Evaluation) instead of "Live".

"Live" & "Evaluation" Modes - Explained

Work-ModeUsageGood for
LiveLive mode usage is for increasing profit margins.
In this mode, when initiating a Ratebook request, it will Search and Book alternative rooms once a better price point is identified.
Aimed at improving search efficiency and maximizing profitability, providing users with a straightforward and expedient solution for optimizing revenue.
Evaluation (EV)Evaluation mode usage is for assessing and testing the Ratebook API without actual bookings.

When a Ratebook request is initiated it conducts searches and saves data on alternative rooms without executing booking.
This mode allows assessment of RateBook's operation and provides insight into potential profits.
Aimed to assess and test the Ratebook API, the searches and the rooms which are returned in this mode - are Live and real, but - without booking.

In this mode, there’s no actual bookings. The data then can be used to generate insights and assess potential profits that could take place in case it was "Live" mode.



When operating in "EV" Mode, a successful operation response does not result actual bookings. Therefore, please proceed with your original room choice regardless of the Ratebook API's response.

The above can be identified simply by Segment status which is "EV" :