💰 SmartBook API


Working with multiple hotel suppliers, you have likely encountered many cases where a booking falls through because of technical issues, time-outs, price and availability changes, etc.

We feel your pain and have seen first hand how painful it is to miss out on conversion when the customer is ready to pay. Many times while the booking goes through, we’ve seen companies leave money on the table since all the previous technical challenges prevent them from capturing the best possible rate.

To help safeguard your bookings and make the most profit we’re introducing SmartBook API. A non-disruptive lightweight API that can analyze your existing supply pool at the moment of the booking to ensure you book the best possible rate with guaranteed availability.

So your margin goes up and booking errors go down.

Maximizing margins with SmartBook API

SmartBook enhances our partners' profitability by increasing their sales effectiveness, leading to higher margins and increased sales performance.

By leveraging the SmartBook API, our partners can increase their margins by cutting down the purchasing costs.