RateFox Service


HSP extends the platform's functionalities beyond connectivity and as a Hotel Sales Platform. It encompasses a diverse array of services designed to enhance your comprehension of the market.

By gaining insights such as:

  • The distribution of prices.
  • Understanding the Dynamic markups percentages.
  • Comparing Market Price Sources (MPS) against Targets.
  • Evaluate various supply sources to identify competitive pricing.

You not only acquire a comprehensive understanding of the market but also position yourself to make precise adjustments that will maximize your yield management efficiency and overall profitability.


RateFox services

Find opportunities

The "Find opportunities" screen is similar to the "Book Hotels" screen, with the key distinction being that it does not allow actual booking. This enables users to conduct searches, access room and pricing information, along all HSP features for information retrieval purposes.


Once initiating a search for your desired destination, including various hotel options that meet your search criteria, a hotel ranking is in place, varying from 1-10.

This ranking is determined by predefined scores that take into account multiple factors, including star ratings, TrustYou ratings, price, refundability, distance from the searched location, and other relevant criteria.


Located on the left side of the screen, you'll find a 'Hotel Filters' section that enables you to refine your hotel search based on various criteria. These criteria include price range, star rating, amenities, room type/class, board options, and many more. This functionality allows you to filter and display only those hotels that align with your specific preferences and criteria's.


In addition to the data available, each hotel is equipped with a TrustYou rating. This rating not only provides you with an overview of the hotel's ranking but also offers the option to access actual client reviews (In multiple languages). Simply click on the 'reviews' to delve into the firsthand experiences shared by guests.

Dynamic markups Demo

After initiating the 'Find Opportunities' process, which functions similarly to the 'Search Hotels' feature, we can proceed to select the desired hotel and access room information. During this step, referred to as 'GetPackages,' we will retrieve the rooms of a specific hotel along with the Dyn.markup feature.


Once the room information is retrieved, we can see that each room equipped with 'Competitiveness' columns, that denote the competitiveness level of the respective rate.

The available competitiveness options are as follows:

  • Poor - Low competitiveness, among the rates.
  • Small- Small competitiveness, among the rates.
  • Medium - Medium competitiveness, among the rates.
  • High - High competitiveness, among the rates.
  • Unique - Unique competitiveness, a unique rate.
  • Assumptive - Assumptive competitiveness, A unique rate which been applied with Assumptive logic.
  • Source - Source competitiveness, a Market Price Source rate.

Dyn.markups percentage

Alongside the 'Competitiveness' information, each room includes 'Dyn Perc.' columns, represents the percentage of Dynamic markups applied to the respective rate. (This percentage represents the additional markup percentage added to the Net rate.)

This provide valuable insights into the relative profitability of different rates, allowing you to compare supplier prices and assess the potential profitability that can be achieved.


An additional feature enables you to filter the various columns according to your preferences, making it easier to compare and categorize information.

Export Rates

The "Export Rates" feature enhances functionality by permitting you to export and save rates for future investigation and comparison purposes.

The downloaded .CSV file contains the following information:
PriceKey, OriginalRoomName, RoomName, Refundability, Availability, RoomsCount, RoomBasis, BucketKeyForPricing, SupplierName, ContractId, DynMarkupType, OriginalConvertedNet, PctFromSource, Competitiveness, Commission, StaticMarkupProfit, DynamicMarkupProfit, FinalConvertedPrice, SumOfAllNodesProfit, ProfitPct, DisplayKey, BucketKeyForDisplay, PackageId, WinningRate, FalseReason, AssumptiveBy.

Preview Mode

The "Preview Mode" offers a comparison table, enabling you to analyze and comprehend the Dyn.markups functionality. It provides insights into why a specific rate is considered the winning rate, including Dyn.markups percentages, markup information, room information, false reasons, and much more.

In order to open the Preview Mode - simply click on the Preview bottom.