Most hotel inventory distributors work with multiple providers that have overlapping inventories. This makes it necessary to combine price and inventory data from several sources into one database.

With no standard for transfer of hotel inventory data, it arrives in different formats, with different parameters attached to it, creating a technically complex task. Oftentimes, these parameters provide conflicting information.

Why you need mapping ?

When you started working with multiple providers, you were forced to create or outsource a mapping solution. Both paths are not ideal, as the complicated nature of mapping leaves a lot of room for errors.

Mapping inefficiencies mean that you utilize only a part of the inventory available to you from the providers you work with. Some of the most lucrative inventory doesn’t ever show up in your systems, because it wasn’t mapped. At times, new inventory can take months to appear at your points of sale.

As a result:

  • Your margins are lower than they could be.
  • Your capacity to expand supply is lower than it should be.
  • Your relationship with your suppliers could be stronger.

Correct mapping is not guaranteed with most 3rd party providers. With every link in the distribution chain, hotel inventory goes through a mapping process yet again. At the end, only a part of the supplier’s inventory reaches your system, with no control what so ever on your side. You don’t even have visibility into which inventory you’re missing out on. Only Mapping.Works guarantees 99.99% accuracy and 98.7% coverage.