SmartBook API Financial Reports

Financial & Booking Information

After initiating a SmartBook API request to Gimmonix, each successful booking, along with details pertaining to the hotel, room, and financial information, will be saved and recorded.

This information can be leveraged in various ways:

1. SmartBook API Response

Each SmartBook API response will provide comprehensive booking details, including HotelID, Supplier information, Order and Segment statuses, the requested and final prices, profit margins, cancellation policy and more.

SmartBook API Response example (Postman) - Click here.

2. Manage Orders (Back-Office)

Each SmartBook booking is recorded in the dedicated "Manage Orders" screen. Along with all the reservation information.

To access the "Manage Orders" screen - simply login to the Back-Office, and click on "Manage Orders".

For more information about "Manage Orders" screen - Click here.

3. SmartBook API Reports

An alternative approach to retrieve Financial & Booking Information is through the SmartBook reports API. You can generate reports for specific SegmentID or retrieve all orders within a date range.

API requestExplanationPostman API Example
GetSegmentSmartBookDataRetrieving all monetary calculations and consideration details for specific segmentID.Click here.
GetSmartBookDataWill retrieve all monetary calculations and consideration details for a number of SmartBook orders between dates, depending on your search query.Click here.

Monitoring and Performance

Each SmartBook API Client will be equipped with a dedicated Grafana user, enabling the monitoring and analysis of your request performance and profit increase data.

Main Dashboard

The main dashboard will display key metrics such as the number of requests and the profit increase for various time frames: Today, Yesterday, This Month, and This Year. This provides a comprehensive overview of the partner's performance and other crucial data.

Additionally, the dashboard offers insights and statistics including your top 5 most winning and profitable suppliers, as well as the top 5 winning and profitable hotels.

In addition to performance statistics, there are two graphs available that enable partners to track and analyze information over time such as the number of requests per day and the daily profit increase.