Getting Started with SmartBook API

On-Boarding Process

Step 1: Client to fill a Form

Client account card will be created with default settings under Cert environment.

Email with all relevant details will be sent by the support team with endpoints, credentials, documentation and postman API examples.

Step 2: Development and Implementation

The development and implementation of the SmartBook API, takes place in Cert (Testing) Environment which is specifically tailored for testing and validating that the integration is done correctly.

For SmartBook API Implementation Guide - Click here.

Step 3: Certification Test

Cert environment is a replica of the Production environment and will allow you to test your integration and see how it would work once you move to production.

Cert environment is available at any moment if you would like to run tests or do any upgrade on your side and perform testing before launch in your production environment.

This will allow us to verify that SmartBook API integration was done correctly and avoid mistakes.

Step 4: Access to Live

Once the certification been completed successfully :

  • Client account will be created with default settings under the Prod (Live) environment .
  • Email with Live credentials will be sent by support team.

Step 5: Going Live

Congratulations on completing the SmartBook API integration, Everything is set to Go Live !