SmartBook API


SmartBook is designed to optimize the profitability of hotel bookings.

Through the SmartBook API, users gain the ability to secure bookings with enhanced profitability from a range of their active suppliers.

Utilizing the SmartBook API streamlines the booking process, enabling users to effortlessly reserve their desired room(s) at a predefined price with just one request, eliminating the need for extra steps.

This feature incorporates an advanced business logic layer aimed at improving search efficiency and maximizing profitability, providing users with a straightforward and expedient solution.

The SmartBook API

In order to initiate a SmartBook API call, you'll need to forward three objects:

  1. Book Request
    This object will include the Book request data, such as: Booking price, Pax Information, Room details , etc.
  2. Search Request
    This object will include the search request data, such as: currency, destination / hotelID, rooms occupancy, residency, etc.
  3. Cancellation Policies
    This object will include the applicable cancellation policy for the package selected to be booked.

Upon sending the request, HSP will search, compare, and book your preferred room at your desired price, requiring no further action from your end.

SmartBook API - Postman

SmartBook API examples (Postman) - Click here.



Your markup (profit) is calculated as: BookingPrice - TargetPrice .
Your price tolerance is calculated as: MaxTargetPrice - TargetPrice .


Original Package Price

Booking Price380$
Target Price360$
Max Target Price370$
Estimated Profit20$

SmartBook consideration

Package Price Explained
Package 1346$Profit = 34$ (We wanted 20$ - Package will be considered)
Package 2365$ Profit = 15 (We wanted 20$ - so there's -5$ in the wanted Profit).
But - Target Price - Max Target Price = 360$ - 370$ = -10$.

Hence, -5$ > -10$ --> Package will be considered. (As it falls in the Price Tolerance)

How to use SmartBook API

User configuration & Prerequisites

For All SmartBook Settings - Click here.

To Enable SmartBook API:

  • “SmartBook Settings” → Status → Enabled .
  • Usage-type → “ProfitGen via SmartBook API” .



The SmartBook API can serve as both a standalone service or as a complementary service.

Using SmartBook API - HSP Clients

For filling the SmartBook API (Best practice)

  1. Book Request
    LeadPaxRoomId , Allocation (for each passenger) , Id (under Rooms) - should be the same RoomId from the original Book request.
  1. SearchRequest
    Can be copied as well from the HotelServiceSearchRequest .

Into the correlating section of the Search Request in the SmartBook API .

  1. cancellation policy
    Can be copied from the HotelCancallationPolicyResponse →

  1. For the package details (RoomName , RoomBasis , HotelID , PackageID etc. ) :
    1. First get the PackageID (Can be find in HotelCancallationPolicyRequest)
    2. then navigate to the GetPackagesResponce and search (ctrl + F) the specific PackageId to retrieve the details you need :

And then find this package in the GetPackagesResponse :

Once all the details needed are filled → we can send the request , SmartBook will go into action and will try to find cheaper/better deals to book instead of the original package we specified .

Using SmartBook API - Standalone Clients

  1. Before utilizing the Smartbook API service, we must map your hotels with our system.
  2. Additionally, we require mapping of your meal plan codes to ours.
  3. Upon completion of the these steps, we will configure your user account and grant access to the API.
  4. If you're initiating the SmartBook API as a Standalone Client (non-HSP Client), please generate your own GUIDs for the following parameters:
    1. LeadPaxId.
    2. LeadPaxRoomId.
    3. PackageID.
    4. Allocation.
  5. Additionally, ensure that the following parameters are standardized to HSP's values:
    1. RoomBasis (Meal Plan)
    2. Room Name.
    3. Cancellation Policy.

Post Booking

After initiating a SmartBook Request and successfully booking the desired room, there are several options available to retrieve the financial and booking information.

This can be accomplished either through the Post Bookings APIs - GetSegmentFinReport & GetSmartBookData or via our Manager Orders screen.

For more information about how SmartBook is reflected in the system - Click here.



When initiating the Financial Reports, please be aware that it includes information for both the previous supplier, booking reference, and confirmation, as well as the new room supplier, booking reference, and confirmation.